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Bonnie Martin Hodges is an award-winning fine artist in Edmonds, Washington (near Seattle). She is a master at painting landscapes, still lifes, portraits and animals. Her realistic and sensitive portrayal of her subjects expresses the mood of the moment in oil, pastels, watercolor, digitally, and other media - including sculptures and stained glass. Her beautiful and life-like paintings have been featured in galleries, national and international art shows, magazine and book covers, and are on display in collections in the USA and Europe. See more about Bonnie...

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Upcoming Events:

An Evening with Bonnie Hodges: April 2024 Edmonds Art Walk
Thursday, April 18, 2024, 5-8 pm in downtown Edmonds, WA

Featured Painting
"Edmonds Ferry Docking at Sunset"
Bonnie Hodges
Oil on Board
24" x 36"

Winner of People's Choice Award
Arts of the Terrace Juried Art Show, 2011

Print on canvas available.

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